3) LDTutus Gear- BRUSHES Model Makeup Kit -Photoshoot Gear

3) LDTutus Gear- BRUSHES Model Makeup Kit -Photoshoot Gear


Custom Model Makeup Kits


Due to COVID-19 regulations, we must require models to each have their own makeup for our photoshoots. This is a one time purchase, unless something gets broken!

Kits will be brought back and forth to 2020 & 2021 photoshoots.


This listing adds your eyeshadow palette to ADD to your kit builder package. Options includes:

-Morphe Brushes

-Spectrum Brushes Disney

-Spectrum Brushes Disney Mermaid 

-Spectrum Essentials Brushes 

-RT Brand Brushes


**brushes must come to each shoot CLEAN. 




Finals Bags will be provided at the next photoshoot your model will be attending. Parents are responsible for the makeup kits once they leave the photoshoot. Makeup should not be used my kids for dress up or playtime. Any makeup that is ruined at home, must be replaced at parents cost in order to use at another shoot.