Holiday Shoot


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Jan 2020

Mommy and Me Glitter Attack

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May 2020

Annual Bunny Hop 

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Mar 2020

Zombies 2

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Ice Cream Party

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Aug 2020

Happy Birthday 'Merica 

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June 2020

Designer BFF

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Sept 2020

Fall for me

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Oct 2020

Annual Holiday Party

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Dec 2020


"Modeling for LDTutus has been an amazing experience. Lexi loves being able to be a princess for the day and it has helped her open up socially. She used to be very quiet and now she is a social butterfly. Thanks Amy for the opportunity!!"


"Me and my daughter's can't say enough great things about amy and her team. The memories, friends, and experiences we have at photo shoots are always amazing!"


"Modeling for you has definitely boosted kimberlees self-esteem up. Especially ya kno 12 the whole body change. N now she is on top n back to her sassy self 😍 we love all you dooo .. Cant wait for our next adventure"


"Amy and her team are amazing! Your child will be a princess for the day!!!!"


"This was my favorite day and the best photos of my 2 girls 💕"


"Modeling for you has been everything for Zarina. She has gained so much confidence from these experiences. Not only do we have a great day, but we also make new friends. We are forever grateful to be a part of this."